We do fewer things but we do them better.  We create exciting things on the web…  a personal blog,  an informational website, a shopping cart or the advanced plug-in or application you need… but just the way you wish.  Just so you know here are few things we specialize in:

Graphic Design, Web Design, Logos and Banners.

User Interface Development
Three important concepts to keep in mind when designing a website are Cross browser compatibility, accessibility and usability, many developers forget to pay attention to these important areas when developing a website. Developers should follow industry accepted UI development standards and guide lines when building web applications as user experience is very critical for the success of a website.
The more user friendly the website the more chances of its success, so we follow stringent measures to ensure that the website is accessible,usable and cross browser compatibility. We provide the following services in the user interface development arena:

  • PSD to pixel perfect HTML/CSS
  • Consistent design across the website, to ensure unified user experience
  • Pixel level perfection across multiple browsers
  • Usage of Ajax/JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery for better interactivity and user experience
  • User Interface Development services using technologies such as HTML,HTML5,XHTML,CSS,Photoshop and JavaScript
  • Define and implement User Interface development standards using industry best standards and W3C guidelines

User Experience & Marketing Services
Accessibility, Usability, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Internet Marketing

Web Development Services
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
Wordpress, Expression Engine, Application/Plugin/Widget Development

QA, Hosting & Domain Management support, Maintenance support